小姐 Hall’s is a place of movement and action, of collaboration and commitment. We innovate, and we adapt — both to the needs of our community and the needs of our world.

小姐 大厅的提供了, 自1898年成立以来, an exceptional academic education and the opportunity to develop values core to the human experience: authenticity, 尊重, 荣誉, 和经济增长. Our students have, since the beginning, become bold and 为公共利益做出创造性贡献的人.


这些价值观体现在太阳3的创始人身上, 米拉Hinsdale大厅, 马萨诸塞州中部的一位年轻的拉丁语教师. Twenty years before the 19th Amendment granted her the right to vote, Mira Hall envisioned something radical: a world in which girls received the high-quality education they deserved.


So, in 1898, she did something bold: she founded a school. 正如大家所料, 据她侄女说,这并不容易, 小姐 Hall “began her venture with little capital beyond her youth, her determination to have the best school she could build, 以及指引她的强烈的理想主义.” But, her intelligence, strength of will, and good humor won out: the School grew strong.

太阳3注册的信念一开始就受到了考验, when the School burned to the ground on a cold February morning in 1923 — a contemporary news article stated “there was nothing left but chimneys and bathtubs.他说:“我本可以一走了之, but 小姐 Hall doubled down and invested her life’s savings into rebuilding. Classes continued off campus, and the “new” school opened the following year.

“的 question is not whether we are ready for the real world after 小姐 Hall’s, 而是:这个世界为太阳3准备好了吗?”


One other tenet of 小姐 Hall’s has defined us over the 120-plus years of our history: a commitment to learning from those who are different from us. 1932年的一篇文章 伯克希尔哈撒韦的鹰 newspaper celebrated this unusual aspect of 小姐 Hall’s School: “[小姐 Hall] felt that a school which chose its pupils from… different parts of the nation and world would give them a broader concept of life. And she has not deviated from the path which she laid out in 1898. That her idea was a right one is attested to by the fact that today her pupils come from all over the world.“现在仍然如此。.

今天, 小姐 Hall’s School still embraces Mira Hall’s vision and empowers girls to use their voices, 做真实的自己, 和变得大胆, 为公共利益做出创造性贡献的人.


  • 176名学生入学- 72%寄宿,28%天
  • 太阳338%的学生是国际学生, coming from 22 countries; domestic students come from 15 states
  • All of our students continue on to institutions of higher learning. 从2021届开始, 28% of graduates were accepted Early Decision and 75% were accepted Early Action.


小姐 Hall’s School inspires and encourages each girl to pursue the highest standards of learning and character; to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good; and to seek a purposeful life based on 荣誉, 尊重, 增长, 和个人的真实性.


Guided by the mission and values of 小姐 Hall's School, 太阳3的毕业生证明 以下核心能力:

愿景 是梦想的意愿吗, 想象的可能性, 设想大胆而雄心勃勃的目标, 并设定一个目标来实现它们.

的声音 is the power to articulate ideas with authenticity and confidence. Young women with voice present themselves with integrity, 沟通的证明, 自信的倡导和谈判, 展示并赢得尊重.

人与人之间的功效 is the intersection of empathy, self-awareness, and cultural competency. Young women with interpersonal efficacy navigate diverse contexts with ease while maintaining consistency of character and building strong relationships and networks.

进取心 is the strength of mind and character to seek out challenges and grow from failure. Young women with gumption take calculated risks to create change, 实践自我反省, and distinguish the pursuit of one's best self from the pressure for perfection.


的 principles that guide our program development are outlined in our strategic plan. 它总是优先考虑学生, alongside a desire to regularly reimagine curriculum in light of student need, 学生的兴趣, 和世界事件. 太阳3一直关注四个领域:

  • 创新项目 强调知识追求, 发展太阳3的核心竞争力, 和个性化, 为女孩量身定制的体验式学习
  • 一个包容的社会 that values diversity as essential to learning and problem solving, 作为一种发现和个人成长的方式, and as a context for cultivating empathy and cultural competency
  • Commitment to engagement, service, and leadership that strengthens connections between the School and our local and global communities and provides opportunities for students to discover passions and have influence
  • A culture of adaptability, collaboration, and excellence 使学院能够应对挑战, 最大化成长机会, and remain nimble in a changing educational landscape


Photos by the renowned photographer Clemens Kalischer, who captured images of MHS students and campus life from 1958 until the mid-1970s.



“太阳3不怕说出来, 不期望, to teach others the meaning of empathy and acceptance for our fellow humans.”



小姐 Hall’s is governed by a thirty-member 董事会 who ensure the long-term sustainability of the School. This group of alumnae, parents, and friends meets four times each year.

南希·古斯塔夫森·奥尔特73年, 总统达马里斯科塔经营一家发廊,缅因州
劳拉·H. 哈里斯的74年, 副总统佛罗里达州的维罗海滩
简年代. 儒科夫斯基P”13日 副总统南卡罗来纳州的查尔斯顿
苏珊娜威尔逊64年, 副总统在蒙大拿州的Big Timber
斯科特试验P”14日 财务主管宾夕法尼亚州,蒙特罗斯
科妮莉亚·卡伯特·怀汀89年, 职员纽约,纽约
玛莎D. 布洛克81年在缅因州的波特兰
Alice Butler Burnham ’65, New Canaan, Connecticut
雷金纳德运河P ' 21,新泽西州枫林
Anne Peterson Conolly ’70, South Burlington, Vermont
Susan Danish,纽约,纽约
安吉拉·W. 73年在纽约的福勒
Elizabeth Welch Gustafson ’88, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
89年Rebecca Hajjar,马萨诸塞州布鲁克莱恩
Stephanie Lawlor Kadnar ’90, Winchester, Massachusetts
Mary Kay Kosnik, P ' 15,旧金山,加利福尼亚
希拉E. 纳特艾德.D. P ' 09年,牛顿,马萨诸塞州
苏珊P. O ' day ' 77年,马萨诸塞州波士顿市
Nancy Brewster Paternotte ’65, Baltimore, Maryland
Jennifer Perkins Speers ’71, Salt Lake City, Utah
凡妮莎•斯泰尔(Vanessa Stair), 2006年,纽约布鲁克林


杰奎琳·B. 火星57号,弗吉尼亚州麦克莱恩
特蕾莎年代. 汤普森64年在西弗吉尼亚州的刘易斯堡

了解更多太阳3的家, situated in one of the Northeast’s cultural centers, 进行一次虚拟之旅


Our Expressive Arts Department allows students to explore new ways of sharing their voice and ideas — music, 剧院, 和视觉艺术

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